What We Do

Loads of people have asked us ‘Hey, Love Me Knotts, what goes into making your products?’

So, strap yourself in and listen up at the back, cause I’m going to explain it to you…


1. You visit our amazing website, pick your design/design your own and hand over the cash.

2. We do a little happy dance cause we’re dead excited that you’ve chosen to shop with us and now we can feed the kids.

3a. We tell the head elf what you want and he gets his teams of elves to start making it…Oh wait no, that’s Santa’s process! Sorry, got a bit lost for a second there.

3b. Back on track… We pick out the best bit of wood. Only the absolute best for our customers! Then we get to work on hand burning your message (and maybe have a little giggle at some of your cheeky ideas).

4. Still reading? Good! We quality check the item and make sure it’s 100% perfect for you. Can you imagine how embarrassing it’d be if there was a spelling misteak on it?

5. We carefully protect it in bubble wrap (cause you know what they say about always wrapping your wood). Wax seal it in a lovely envelope and pop it in the post for the lovely guys and gals at Royal Mail to do what they do best.

6. (As if you’re still reading!) We wait in excitement for you to receive your ‘Love Me Knott’.

7. You do a little happy dance once you realise how amazing it is.

8. You order more for every occasion, because you love our wood… I mean, who can blame you?